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    ZW20A-12 Outdoor high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker

    Product type:medium voltage unit

     ZW20A-12 Outdoor high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker

    Medium voltage components   

    "ZW20A-12 outdoor high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker is an outdoor high-voltage switchgear with three-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 12kV, mainly used in the distribution systems of city networks, agricultural networks, transformer stations and industrial and mining enterprises, as a means of dividing and closing load currents, overload currents and short-circuit currents. Due to the special performance of the vacuum circuit breaker, it is especially suitable for frequent operation and oil-free transformation.

    The product adopts a fully sealed structure and is filled with SF6 gas inside the box, which is moisture-proof and dew-proof, making it more suitable for high temperature and humid areas."